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Questions and Answers

How do I search for the products I need?

Enter any combination of the manufacturer name, part number, descriptive keywords, or the model number in the search box at the top of the page to identify the item you are looking for.

The equipment model I am looking for doesn't show up. How can I find the parts for this equipment?

If you do not find what you need by putting in a model number, try putting in anything else that you know about the product. For example, place the manufacturer and the type of product into the search box. You can continue to narrow your search using the narrow your search tool to the left. If you simply cannot find what you need, don't hesitate to call us at 855-880-4589, one of our Customer Experience Representatives will help you!

What does “powered by Parts Town” mean?

Standex has partnered with Parts Town to leverage the industry’s leading replacement parts technology. Parts Town provides all customer support, order fulfillment, and invoicing for

Can I use my Parts Town account on this website?

Yes! In fact, if you already have a Parts Town account, you should use the same login on this website. Using your established Parts Town account enables you to access your account details and any specific pricing details you may have.

What do the various order statuses mean?

New - Your order has been entered and is waiting for confirmation.
Open - Your order has been confirmed and is in process.
Partial Shipment - A portion of your order has been shipped and the remainder is on backorder.
Shipped and Closed - All of your order has been shipped.
Cancelled - Your order has been cancelled.

What do the various stock statuses mean?

In Stock Ships Today - We have at least one of this item in stock and, if ordered, we will ship our available stock to you the same day for all orders entered prior to 9PM ET.
Ships in X - Y Days - The item is not on hand. The lead time quoted is based on the average delivery of past orders for that item from our vendor.
Call for Lead Time - The item is not on hand. Lead times vary for this item. Give us a call and we can request a current lead time quote from our vendor for the item.

How do I return a part?

Email [email protected] for instructions on how to return product. Parts Town will not accept any returns without prior approval or consent, which will be given or withheld at Parts Town's discretion. A restocking fee will apply for most returns. No returns will be accepted beyond 90 days of purchase. Special orders may not be cancelled or returned.

Why I am not getting my contract pricing?

This can happen for two reasons.

1. You have not registered. If you have not registered, please click "register now" within the login box at the top center of the page!

2. Once you have registered, it usually takes 1 business day to apply your contract pricing to all web-site screens. You will get your pricing on all orders placed - even those placed before the 24-hour period has elapsed.

If #1 and #2 don't solve the issue, just call us at 855-880-4589 and we will assist further.

My question hasn’t been answered!

Check out our Contact Us page.